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Skin & Scarring Research

Human Studies

Gaida, K., Koller, R., Isler, C. et al (2004).
LLLT – a conservative approach to the burn scar? Burns 30(4):362-367. Abstract: Burn Scars are known to be difficult to treat because of their tendency to worsen with hypertrophy and contracture. Various experimental and clinical efforts have been made to alleviate their effects but the problem has not been solved. Since patients keep asking for Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) and believe in its effectiviness on burn scars, and since former studies show contradictory results of the influence of LLLT on wound healing, this prospective study was designed to objectify the effects of LLLT on burn scars. Nineteen patients with 19 burn scars were treated with a 400mW 670nm Softlaser twice a week over 8 weeks. In each patient a control area was defined, that was not irradiated. Parameters assessed were the Vancouver Scar Scale (VSS) for macroscopic evaluation and the Visual Analogue Scale (VAS) for pruritus and pain. Photographical and clinical assessments were recorded in all the patients. Seventeen out of 19 scars an improvement after treatment. The average rating on the VSS decreased from 7.10+/-2.13 to 4.68+/-2.05 points in the treated areas, whereas teh VSS in the control areas decreased from 6.10+/-2.86 to 5.88+/-2.72. A correlation between scar dutation and improvement through LLLT could be found. No negative effects of LLLT were reported. The present study shows that the 400mW 670nm softlaser has a positive, yet sometimes limited effect on burn scars concerning macroscopic appearance, pruritus and pain.

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Animal Studies

Rezende, S. B. (2001).
Action of diode laser (830nm) on cutaneous wound healing process: biometrical and histological study in rats. Dissertation (Professional Master's Degree "Lasers in Dentistry") - Nuclear and Energy Research Institute / School of Dentistry, University of São Paulo, São Paulo. Advisor: Edison Puig Maldonado, DDS, PhD, Edmir Matson, DDS, PhD

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Pugliese LS; Medrado AP; Reis SR; Andrade Zde A (2003). The influence of low-level laser therapy on biomodulation of collagen and elastic fibers. Pesquisa Odontologica Brasileira (Brazilian Oral Research) 17 (4): 307-13

In Vitro Studies

Webb C, Dyson M, Lewis WH. (1998).
Stimulatory effect of 660 nm low level laser energy on hypertrophic scar-derived fibroblasts: possible mechanisms for increase in cell counts. Lasers Surg Med. 22(5):294-301.

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