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Seen as the definitive guide to laser therapy this book reveals the science behind LLLT and provides some useful guidelines for clinical practice.

Tuner & Hode

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Welcome to the Autumn 2010 Newsletter for the

UK Institute for Therapeutic Laser (UKITL)

So much for the blistering hot summer we were promised a few months ago. The  UKITL team continue to seek out new and relevant information for our members and help people understand the true benefits of low intensity laser therapy.  

This quarter we continue our series by veteran chiropractor and laser therapist Dr.Tom Scott. There is a short guide to buying the right laser equipment for you and we also profile experienced trainer and laser therapist Jan Lloyd Jones.

As always we welcome any news, success stories, interesting features etc which we can use to enhance the usability and relevance of our website.  Please email us with any material.

The New Laser Therapy Handbook

Jan Tuner and Lars Hode

"The Laser Therapy Handbook" is the best selling book in this field.  This is the updated version with some 700 new references and 250 new pages - and in colour.

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Ankle pain

Last quarter Chiropractor Tom Scott discussed his approach to treating knee pain with a mix of Applied Kinesiology and LLLT.

Here he examines ankle pain relief using the same techniques.

Benefits of Cold Laser

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Recent stories include:

European Laser Conference Schedule

27th October  WALA Dubai  UAE

5th-6th November Laser Florence, Florence, Italy

Newsletter Archives

Correction of ankle injuries

The UK Institute for Therapeutic Laser is a charitable organisation created to raise the profile and standards of cold laser therapy practices in the UK.

How to choose the right laser for you

Here we examine what to look for when buying a laser and some of the most popular lasers on the market.

UKITL joins the World Association for Laser Therapy (WALT) and extends its benefits to members.

Interview with Jan Lloyd Jones

Experienced trainer and laser practitioner, Jan shares some of her experiences with us and discusses her views on

the future for LLLT.