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Dental Conditions Research


Parker, S (2007).
Low-level laser use in dentistry. British Dental Journal, 202, 131-138.
Human Studies

Brugnera A, Cruz FM, Zanin FA & Pecora JD (1999). Clinical results evaluation of dentinary hypersensitivity patients treated with laser therapy. Proc. SPIE Vol. 3593: 66-68. Abstract: 300 human teeth were treated for hypersensitivity during the period 1995-1997. Pulpal vitality was verified using thermal tests, and only reversible processes were treated. HeNe and GaAlAs lasers were used. All teeth received 4 J/session, up to 5 sessions. 79% of the patients were treated in 3 sessions with success; 8.6% were cured in 4 sessions; and 4.3% were successfully treated in 5 sessions, obtaining 92% success in total.

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Animal Studies

Mezawa S & Saito T (1989). Analgesic effect of soft laser irradiation on the heat nociciptors in the cat tongue. Lasers in Dentistry : 267-276. Eds: Yamamoto H, Atsumi K and Kusakari H.

In Vitro Studies

PinheiroI A L B, Limeira F D A JrII, Gerbill M E M, Ramalho P III, Marzola C IV and Ponzi E A C. (2003). Effect of low level laser therapy on the repair of bone defects grafted with inorganic bovine bone Brazilian Dental Journal , 14(3).

Brugnera A Jr, et al.(2000). Low level laser therapy in treatment of lesions in the inferior alveolar and mental nerves. In Proceedings of 3rd Congress of World Association For Laser Therapy.

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