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Slowly but surely……………………

There are many hospitals within the NHS that own Cold Laser machines; sadly many of them are not deployed because of lack of awareness and training. Only when a doctor has witnessed the power of the laser does he/she start to understand it’s potential.

The laser treatment represents a whole new way of treating patients, and at present the NHS model does not readily accommodate someone receiving a regular and perhaps hour long therapy from a doctor. However, there is progress as a result of the evidence – seeing is believing, and the UKITL is delighted to report the following:

Following in-depth training with Prof Gordon Farmer, a number of consultants have adopted laser therapy as part of their treatment of patients; the therapy is part of pioneering work at:

 Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital – oncology dept

Northampton General Hospital  – stroke and cardio unit

  Addenbrookes Hospital   – oncology and neurology units

                        Plymouth Hospitals   - oncology unit

We look forward to further adoption in oncology units and stroke units around the UK

NHS Adoption of Low Level Laser Therapy