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Seen as the definitive guide to laser therapy this book reveals the science behind LLLT and provides some useful guidelines for clinical practice.

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Welcome to the Summer 2010 Newsletter for the

UK Institute for Therapeutic Laser (UKITL)

Well, they are promising us a blistering hot summer so here’s hoping they are right.  The  UKITL team continue to seek out new and relevant information for our members and help people understand the true benefits of low intensity laser therapy.  We have had many requests for training and will be releasing news on our training schedule shortly. This quarter we introduce a new section of the newsletter where we profile current practitioners. In this issue we focus in on Dr Tom Scott, a Chiropractor from Wales who has been developing his own techniques for effective laser treatment.

As always we welcome any news, success stories, interesting features etc which we can use to enhance the usability and relevance of our website.  Please email us with any material.

Laser Therapy- A Clinical Manual

This 130 pages manual centres on the clinical aspects of laser therapy, local irradiation as well as laser acupuncture.

The manual explains the fundamentals of lasers, dosage and treatment strategies. 45 conditions are described with treatment protocols, illustrations and references from the scientific literature

Knee pain

Tom Scott discusses his approach to treating this debilitating condition with a mix of Applied Kinesiology and LLLT.

Benefits of Cold Laser

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Dr Tom Scott is an  

experienced Chiropractor

From Prestatyn, Wales.  

He has been using laser

for many years as an

adjunct to his main practice.....  

Tom Scott Correcting Chronic knee injuries

Interview with Nita Tripp

The new Director of Training for UKITL shares her experiences to date and  her hopes for the future.

The UK Institute for Therapeutic Laser is a charitable organisation created to raise the profile and standards of cold laser therapy practices in the UK.

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NHS adopts cold laser in several stroke and oncology units.

NHS adopts LLLT