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By becoming a member of UKITL you gain access to the leading experts in all aspects of laser therapy including clinical, experimental, technical, scientific and educational. Members can interact through our online bulletin board where experience and opinions can be exchanged.
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Issued four times a year which features up to date information, scientific news, book reviews etc.
Tailored Training programmes
Access to a variety of Institute led training programmes. Training can be tailored to specific practices or disciplines or open public courses.
UKITL Treatment protocols
Access to the extensive treatment protocol repository with details of treatment times, probe, location points, power, PRR and follow up advice.

Ask the Expert
Access to a panel of experts to answer any queries relating to the practice and application of LLLT.

Therapist Directory
Register your health practice with UKITL and take advantage of the promotion and visibility of the directory.
Access to the online Journal for Photomedicine and Laser Surgery
Courtesy of WALT through the UKITL Institutional membership
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Members receive a high resolution PDF membership certificate.

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Membership Benefits

Ask the Expert

Promotion through Therapist Directory

 Online access to the Journal of Photomedicine and Laser Surgery


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