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UKITL welcomes new member to our management team

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Nita Tripp is a world renowned laser therapy trainer and practitioner.  Her courses on smoking cessation, weight loss and stress management have been well received all over the world.  Nita joins UKITL as Director of Training.  Watch out for more news later.

Seen as the definitive guide to laser therapy this book reveals the science behind LLLT and provides some useful guidelines for clinical practice.

Tuner & Hode

Treating Stroke victims

Strokes affect 110,000 people every year in the UK and cost the NHS £2.8 billion. But how can low level laser aid in recovery? UKITL Chairman Professor Gordon Farmer shares his own personal experience as a stroke victim.

In this edition


Welcome to the Spring 2010 Newsletter for the

UK Institute for Therapeutic Laser (UKITL)

Well, after the worst winter in almost thirty years, Spring is finally here. The UKITL team have been busy making new contacts and gathering new information to help our growing band of members to improve their practices and to share their experiences with each other.

We welcome any news, success stories, interesting features etc which we can use to enhance the usability and relevance of our website.  Please email us with any material.

The UK Institute for Therapeutic Laser is a charitable organisation created to raise the profile and standards of cold laser therapy practices in the UK.

Light and Laser Therapy- Clinical Procedures

A great book which provides clinical information to help effectively use light therapy. Designed for almost any type of light therapy product, whether laser or LED, cluster or point probe. This new book includes a short overview of physics, physiology, and the history of laser, but is primarily focused on the clinical aspects of laser therapy.

Head, neck and shoulder pain

Using low level  laser to break the cycle and alleviate the pain.

CLRT Seminar

Dr Nicholas Wise is

returning to the UK

to run a series of

seminars on his

popular Cranial Laser

Reflex Technique


His latest blog shows a fascinating case study on a stroke victim. For more information contact Gill Jacobs at Light For Health

Cranial Laser Reflex Technique (CLRT)

Benefits of Cold Laser

Catch up on the latest case studies and information on our blog.

Recent stories include:

International Laser Conference Schedule

Including the World Association for Laser Therapy (WALT) in Bergen 25th-28th September 2010

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