The UK Institute for Therapeutic Laser is a charitable organisation created to raise the profile and standards of cold laser therapy practices in the UK.  UKITL aims to promote and encourage the therapeutic use of cold laser in both the NHS and private practice through education, research and collaboration.

Inspired by therapeutic laser practitioners, UKITL are passionate about the efficacy of cold laser and are determined to bring this amazing technology into the mainstream of UK health solutions.

One of our primary aims is to create a community of practitioners willing to share knowledge and experiences and help others successfully treat the wide variety of conditions which respond so well to cold laser.

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UK Institute for Therapeutic Laser (UKITL)

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Cranial Laser Reflex Technique (CLRT) comes to town

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Cranial Laser Reflex Technique (CLRT)

Dr Nick Wise, Chiropractor and developer of CLRT visited the UK to teach this simple but effective pain relief technique....

Seen as the definitive guide to laser therapy this book reveals the science behind LLLT and provides some useful guidelines for clinical practice.

Tuner & Hode

Check out

the article

by staff


and laser


Wendy Boast from October’s issue of Positive Health Online

Benefits of Cold Laser

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Priming the Body for Repair

Treating the body holistically we can take steps to ensure that it is in peak condition to receive energy from laser light. Learn how to prepare the body to get the most out of your laser treatment.

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